Thursday, February 12, 2009

Omelette Vs. Omelette Bars

An odd topic yes.

However, the other day I found myself thinking about this. Now you know why I'm horrifying. I think about Omelette.

Anyways, think on this now: Why is it when we are at a restaurant if we order an omelette its just like any other ordinary breakfast, yet when we see those bowls of mushrooms, cheese, peppers, onions, ham, bacon, or shrimp in some cases, and a chef laboring away we get a million times more excited? Or why does an omelette bar omelette seem to intrinsically taste better?

There's no difference in what is in the omelette. If you want mushrooms, cheese, and ham...the chef at the omelette bar, and the cook at Perkins can both put those things inside your egg cake. There is no compositional difference, nor any difference in preparation, other than you are watching it.

Maybe that's the difference: At an omelette bar we are enthralled with anticipation because we can see and estimate with a greater precision when exactly our food will be ready to eat, and when we can tear into it's eggy deliciousness. Our animal instincts kick in as we start to salivate like dogs at the mere sight and smell of meat...or in our case...omelettes.

When we are at Denny's, there's no telling how long it will take, and we are usually there with company, with which whom thoughts of food consumption are diffused. There is a slower and more gradual build up that allows us to handle the sensation with greater ease.

Maybe none of this matters. Maybe there are more scientific reasons as to why there is a difference. Maybe I'm the only one who prefers an omelette bar omelette as opposed to one from a normal restaurant. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that omelets from a family eatery can't also be amazing, because they can be. But I always find myself saying, "Wow that was good," after an omelette from a bar, and not so much otherwise.

I know I'm insane for making a post about this, but please if you have any insights, draft them in to the comments section for this post.

Number of times "omelette" was used in this post, counting the two times in the title = 13.....

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