Thursday, April 30, 2009

Internet Security

I want to take the time to give a great big, "shove off,"....trying to remain family friendly....out there to all of you computer hackers and spy ware developers who have made Internet security so amazingly frustrating.

Example: One of the activities in my life that I need to do each day...can you tell I'm being discrete just in case I now draw the attention of Internet criminals...requires a password. Fine. But every 3 months...roughly 90 days I need to change it. Fine. But because internet security is so an apparent problem, its a huge pain in the rear. Here are the requirements for the system I'm referring to, for a new password:

  1. Must be between 8-12 characters. No more; no less.
  2. Must contain at least one capital letter.
  3. Must contain at least one number.
  4. Must contain at least one mark of punctuation.
  5. Must not contain any actual word.
  6. Must not be similar to any previous password.

You try to come up with something your going to remember. We all make our passwords things we won't easily forget, and use words or numbers that are especially meaningful to us. Every time I try to make a new password with those parameters, it's like a crap shoot and I get horribly frustrated. Then, since the password's so out there and random, I forget it and almost break my computer trying to remember it. Don't even think about clicking on "Forget Your Password?" because they pretty much want you to donate a DNA sample just to prove that it's you, and I'm just not capable of that at 7:30 in the morning. They don't even provide a magazine. Are things really that bad out there with identity theft? Why need things be so ridiculous? Why after 90 days when I finally remember the stupid thing must I change it? And cannot contain any actual word?

Therefore you'll find my amusement when after about an hour of trying to make a new one, I just gave up and typed "F***You6969!" and it was accepted. Yes, I changed it. I didn't want something to go wrong with my account which would force me to go to the tech department and repeat that password to them out out. Just the irony I suppose.

Any readers out there have any password woes? Let us know by relating your own tales in the comments section.

Monday, April 13, 2009

SEALs VS Pirates


Amen that US Navy SEALs saved Capt. Phillips from Somalian Pirates. This is a testament to our Navy's special forces and their abilities. SEALs by the way stands for SEa Air and Land, which are all ways SEALs transport to their missions.

Now, you've got to picture this folks...Capt. Phillips and the four Pirates...who no teen girls don't look like Johnny Depp...(though if they still dressed and acted that way, I'd give them mad props)...were in a floating sardine can. This little tiny life boat was essentially a submarine that couldn't go underwater. There were five people crammed in this little boat thing. Also there was only one tiny little window per per side.

Three Navy SEALs were laying on their stomachs on the back of a huge US Destroyer with their guns aimed at the same window. With the Destroyer rocking back and forth, the little life boat rocking even worse, and the SEALs aiming at the same window...which seriously is no bigger than a sheet of paper...each SEAL fired once, and each SEAL took out a pirate. 3 shots--3 hits. Oh and by the way...they didn't hit Capt. Phillips. How awesome are SEALs?

I'd like to take the time now to say that my high school principle...who was only there my senior year...thank the Heavens...told us once that he...a seaman...beat up a Navy SEAL. He told us this his first day on the job to scare the senior class because there was talk of "REVOLUTION!"
If anyone is actually reading read the story about Capt. Phillips, the Pirates, and Navy SEALs, and you decide weather or not Mr. G actually beat up a SEAL.

I only added this last portion because I think what Navy SEALs do is incredible, the rescue mentioned before just one amazing feat on a very long list, that they shouldn't be sullied by those who have ego issues. Also I warned you from the first post that this was going to be scary for some to read. I mean seriously, part of SEAL training is to be put underwater with weights on till you pass out--underwater--to increase your ability to survive in the water if a mission should go bad. SEALs and DELTA Force and Marine Force Recon are seriously real life Batmans...only they protect the whole world not just Gotham. That's also not a slight on Batman, he does amazing work for one man in a huge city.