Sunday, May 31, 2009

Review: Disney/Pixar's Up

The first thing I'd like to say is this: I am seeing a trend in Pixar Movies...they are slowly getting sadder and sadder. Wall-E made us sad as we watched this poor little robot all by himself, yet making the best of life. He was also such a willing hero to sacrifice himself for the better of the humans. The scene where he doesn't recognize Eve, is just well devastating.

That being said, before you see Up, emotionally ready yourself because at times it's devastating. By "Devastating" I mean like more than half of the movie tugs at your emotions worse than that scene in Wall-E that was mentioned above.

However, that does not mean that Up is not a phenomenal movie. It's hysterical, intriguing, sad, and well just extremely well written. The characters are well developed and realistic, especially the dogs. I never thought that "dog" could be an actual written dialect, but trust me, if dogs could talk, it would be like they do in this movie.

Up's pacing was also spot on. This movie progressed seamlessly and all of it's elements flow so well together. At one moment you are next to tears because you're sad, then suddenly you're next to tears because you can't stop laughing.

The only strange thing about the story is when Carl and Russel meet the antagonist. I don't want to spoil it, but the character that is the "bad guy," according to the time line that we seemed to be presented with, should be at least 90 years old...if not older. I don't was just strange.

Lastly, don't spend the extra money on 3-D. There weren't all that many times when 3-D gave a unique perspective that made me go, "wow." Save yourself some money and get some candy instead.

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