Friday, June 12, 2009

Movie Etiquette

Went to see "Up" again the other day. Still amazing. But due to the string of good movies that come out, I've been to the theater a lot recently and I have to say this:

If you are at a movie....and you have a cell phone...and you think about texting...


I will find you...I will hurt you.

The theater asks you specifically not to do it, yet seconds later there are always bright glows that are horribly distracting. Perhaps that's the most offensive thing: that people are so inconsiderate as to ignore a simple request, that affects everyone else.

Like seriously, if someone turned around and threw their soda on you, you would be annoyed, but I don't go around doing that...yet...but it would be equally as distracting and equally as inconsiderate.

So here is your warning: You start texting-----I start throwing

People who are talking are just as inconsiderate....but the two jerks who sat behind me already know what I think of them.


  1. Cell phones have gotten brighter... now there is now way to ignore them in the theatre! Right on Cory

  2. I'll do you one better. When the wife and I saw Watchmen, a rated R movie, there was a guy in front of who brought his two kids with him. One was 5, the other 3-4. All through the movie they were asking questions. "Why did the man do that daddy?" "What is the Owl Guy doing to that lady? She's making an owie face?" (Not direct quotes)

    If that wasn't enough, his cell phone rings right before the climax--AND HE ANSWERS IT!! STARTS A CONVERSATION RIGHT THERE IN THE THEATER!!!! I kicked his chair and he turned it off. Good thing because if he didn't I would have grabbed it and thrown it across the theater.