Monday, July 6, 2009

Haunted House Writing

So the other day, my good friend Erin said, "hey I like your blog, but when I go to it, there's nothing about haunted house writing." I've considered this and become upset that perhaps there are some readers/web surfers who find this site and think "hey, I'd like to know how to write a haunted house," but instead get upset when they see movie reviews and commentary on omelettes. The name Haunted House Writer was originally intended just to be my unique identity on the world wide web but I can see now that it has been misleading.

Therefore, I'd like to open up the forum for anyone who might be interested in Haunted House Writing. I've been involved with a local haunted house, named Gravestone Manor. I've been an actor there for seven years, been on the writing team for six years, and have been the Assistant Project Coordinator for five years. Gravestone Manor is a United Way charity. Everyone involved is a volunteer and every penny made goes right to the United Way. Prior to that I helped run the much smaller scale yet equally as awesome haunt known as Lakeside Manor, which despite being inactive for almost eight years, I'm surprised to learn it is still listed on

So if anyone has any questions on how to write/create a haunted house, techniques, some (and I'll stress some) info on how the attractions I've worked at operate, or anything else haunted house related, leave a comment and once there are a bunch I'll make another post directly for that purpose. Thanks loyal readers! Especially the one(s) in Clark Summit....seriously who is that? You spend more time on this site than I do and I am very grateful.
Gravestone Manor's Website:


  1. On the topic of haunted houses.. I've heard your into paranormal investigations. How about some first hand accounts on some real haunted places?

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  3. actually, i am curious as to what goes into writing gravestone manor. i am a creative writer, but poetry has always been my strongest genre, and playwriting always my weakest. i assume it's most like playwriting than anything else, but it's definitely unique in that you have a tangible setting with special effects already partially in place that you have to adhere to. plus, you collaborate with several others, which has to be both good and bad. i can't wait to see what this year is like.

  4. Here is my comment on my curiosity..
    I wonder what it's like to think of some of the rooms. I can't even imagine how you guys thing of them, I just like acting in them.