Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SXF's 50 "Best" Vampire of All Time

I was at Barnes and Noble and found a special edition magazine from SFX entitled simply, "Vampire."

In the article it lists the "50 Greatest Screen Vampires of All Time." That is the only classification. Not "scariest" nor "sexiest," nor "deadliest." So I think without further classification this list bounces around somewhat strangely, but seeing as the main thrust of this blog is usually horror related and how vampires are big right now, I figured that there would be some degree of interest in this list. This list was apparently voted upon by SFX readers.

I won't list them all, so that way you can do further research if your so inclined, but I will list some of the more notable vampires or undead creatures, to help satiate your blood lust.

  • 45--Eric Northman--True Blood--Played by: Alexander Skarsgard
  • 39--The Master--Buffy the Vampire Slayer--Played by: Mark Metcalf
  • 27--Bill Compton--True Blood--Played by: Stephen Moyer
  • 24--Louis de Pointe du Lac--Interview With the Vampire--Played by: Brad Pitt
  • 22--Count Duckula--Count Duckula--Played by: David Jason
  • 19--Count von Count--Sesame Street--Played by: Jerry Nelson
  • 13--Dracula--Dracula--Played by: Bela Lugosi
  • 11--Blade--Blade--Played by: Wesley Snipes
  • 9--Selene--Underworld--Played by: Kate Beckinsale
  • 6--Graf Orlok--Nosferatu--Played by: Max Schreck
  • 1--Spike--Buffy The Vampire Slayer--Played by: James Marsters

Special Bonus person on the list: Brett Farve--NFL--Played by: Brett Farve

Agree/Disagree? Want to know where others fall? Take a guess and maybe I'll let you know if you are right. Till next your neck.


  1. I know these are just "vampires on screen" and I don't know much about "on screen" anything (certainly not as much as you, at least) but if it were my list, I'd add vampires from books, too. Like Gabrielle or Claudia, from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, or Sita, from Christopher Pike's The Last Vampire series. Dracula would be higher up (though I guess 13 isn't a bad number for him), and isn't Blade only a half-vampire? ("Dhampir" I think, right?)

    That said, I have to admite that Spike was pretty badass, at least until he fell for Buffy. He was way cooler when they hated each other.

  2. Or as Wu-Tang used to say: Protect Ya Neck.

    I was surprise to see the True Blood characters, they all of a year and three weeks of existance, on the list until I saw Could Duckula.

    It's cool that Count von Count is on the list. Bela Lugosi should be up higher.

    I'd imagine that Angel must be top ten, if not top five. It would be interesting to see if any characters from Near Dark appeared on the list and where.

  3. That would be "Count" Duckula. And does "Natasha" know you are using her image on your blog?

  4. Bill--

    Jesse was number 20 and Severen was 12